launching your copy career

kelley granger

when i swapped an editorial career for one in copy, there were so many things i didn’t know–what does an attractive portfolio look like? how does SEO work? what’s an effective subject line made of? how do i make a “voice?” from simple to complex, the list was diverse and endless.

since i was no longer a student and already out in the working world, i felt like i had no place to pose these questions. having an outlet for answers–for all the things i wanted to know then, and the things i still want to know now–was one of the driving forces behind the creation of The Copy Lab.

each event on our calendar was inspired either by a copy conundrum i’ve faced or questions raised by kim and her students throughout her experiences teaching and writing. (we’re open to any and all topic suggestions, too.) plus, each one has a built-in networking element so you can pump up your contacts and future job opportunities.

we want this to be a forum for discovery, friendship and learning, a place to bring your passion and leave even more excited, with a notebook full of inspiring ideas and the email address of a new connection. meet with us regularly, recognize faces, become friends, make connections, link each other to jobs, inspire better work…the potential is limitless.

i hope you’ll join us in the experiment and come toast creativity and community at our launch party october 3rd!

see you then!

kelley granger
co-founder, The Copy Lab

for more information on our membership and events, visit The Copy Lab.


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