developing your necessary thick skin as a copywriter

every one of us is vulnerable to criticism, whether it’s when presenting a creative idea for an ad campaign, acting in a play or improv skit, unveiling a painting, sporting a new look, or even dancing at a friend’s wedding — in other words, while living. So we all should be prepared for those who will critique.

just as you may balk, celebrate or remain neutral over Taken 2 being a box office smash, or turn your nose up at cold cherry soup, each person has a set of likes and dislikes that stem from uniquely personal experiences, encompassing family, culture, personality and education. so if someone doesn’t like your idea, don’t take it personally — it’s possible that they don’t have the same frame of reference you do. Or more likely, maybe the idea really does need to be reworked.

you’ll know you’re a pro when you no longer worry about negative criticism, because accepting it with equanimity is part of the being-a-copywriter deal. you’re paid to come up with tons of ideas that will be rejected, and a few that will be accepted too. you’ll come to view criticism as useful and constructive, compelling you to create your best work. or perhaps you’ll want to bang your head against the wall, mid-critique.

the thicker your skin, the more of a rhino you’ll be. and we all know rhinos sallie forth with horn lowered, ready to take on anything. the true king of the jungle.

be honest. have you developed a thick skin? when was the last time you successfully managed to keep your cool in a touchy situation?

kim taylor

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