know what sticks in my _____?

when two parties communicate well with one another they tend to finish each other’s sentences.

the present AXA Financial and La Quinta Inns & Suites campaigns ignore this truth to their folly.

both creative concepts rest on everyday idioms even the most moronic Morning Joe viewer would know.

for AXA, it’s the “800 lb __________ __ ___ ____,” a not-too-subtle nag to stop putting off retirement planning.

(AXA Equitable’s 800lb gorilla joy ride commercial)

two of the good-looking La Quinta ad series feature well-rested road warriors getting  “a leg __ __ ___ ____________” and having  their “ducks __ _  ___” for a client meeting.

(La Quinta leg commerical)   (La Quinta row commerical)

even accepting pt barnum’s “nobody ever went  broke _______(enough already – ed.),” i’m missing something here.

why would you state the obvious and rob your audience of the satisfaction to be had from paying off these sight gags.

who chose to mute those playing along at home? i would like to think it was the client, not the copywriter.

in these days of fragmented media, we keep hearing how ‘engagement’ is the end all and be all.

nothing to it. take your cue from Wheel of Fortune. let your audiences interact with your message.

grant them the wits to complete your thought, finish your…

jim cronin

jim cronin is president of BCA Marketing Communications in rye brook, ny

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