being social in a digital world: tips for writers on social media strategy

social media is meant to be just that — social. as a writer, having a solid strategy for tweeting, commenting and posting in the online arena can help build your personal brand, your network, and it can attract potential employers and clients.

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so what are you waiting for? it’s great to follow others, but it’s also smart to get out of the shadows and interact. as you wade through the waters of going social, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • before simply posting your every whim, outline a strategy. which platforms will you use? will you have time to post enough to keep followers engaged? how personal are you willing to get?
  • take note of what YOU like reading on your news feed and what you find entertaining. use that to decide what unique spin you can contribute to the digital sphere.
  • post worthwhile content and the followers will come. updating peeps on your every waking moment may not be the way to go…just saying.
  • follow, like and engage with other writers, designers and creative groups (like The Copy Lab!) to make connections and help get your name out there.
  • not everything you post must (nor should) be work-related. social media lets your individual spark shine bright — a valuable tool as you aim to differentiate your voice in the crowd.
  • make the time to proofread. typos abound on the web, but your feeds should reflect your professional prowess.

remember, your personal brand’s social media campaign is a public venture. it has the potential to be far reaching and impactful, so it’s worth taking the time to devise a strategy. learn as you go, try different approaches and, most importantly, have fun with it.

let’s all learn together! please share your thoughts, tips and social experiences (good and bad). leave comments below or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

by meredith clinton bell